How to Get Straight Teeth In 3 Simple Steps

How to get straight teeth in 3 simple steps

It can be challenging to get a simple answer to questions like how to get straight teeth in Vancouver sometimes.

Lots of places can make it sound more complicated than it really is – so complicated you feel like you need an interpreter just to understand their English. Other places refuse to explain their process or the cost of Invisalign to the point that it sure seems like they’re trying to hide something from you (and some of them are).

We’re here to help. Here’s how to get straight teeth with Invisalign in three simple steps.

Step 1 – Get a Free Initial Consultation

The first thing you need to know about initial consults is that sometimes they are free, but not always. So make sure you know what you’re signing up for before your initial appointment.

The second thing is to know who does Invisalign near you. Both general dentists and orthodontists are both equally qualified to provide your Invisalign treatment. And equally, capable of doing a great job, too. So who is the best option for you in Vancouver?

The short answer, there’s a third option: Invisalign Specialists.

Invisalign specialists can be either orthodontists or dentists, but the key thing is they specialize exclusively in Invisalign treatment. They’re very rare to find in Vancouver – we only know of one.

Most orthodontists and dentists aren’t willing to focus on only one kind of treatment for patients, and that’s totally understandable. But that isn’t necessarily in your best interest. And that’s why Invisalign Specialists are able to provide Invisalign treatment that’s hard to match.

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Pro Tip: During your initial consult, here are the 5 questions you need to make sure to ask your orthodontist or dentist about Invisalign. These will help you get the answers you need to feel confident your smile is in good hands or if you should maybe look elsewhere.

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Before and after Straight Teeth With Invisalign

Step 2 – Get a Personalized Treatment Plan

You might be thinking, “Couldn’t they have just said ‘Step 2 – Attend Your Consult’? Isn’t it the same thing?” And, actually, the answer is unfortunately no.

Here’s the inside scoop – not every doctor gives you the same amount of information during your consultation. And even fewer doctors give you the time you deserve to explain the details of your treatment to you. Many don’t have the time because their day is so full hurrying from one patient to the next.

That might be good for the doctor’s bottom line, but is it good for your teeth?

Your treatment might go fine anyway, but wouldn’t you rather know there’s a personalized plan to improve your smile before you begin? A plan that’s been given real thought and attention and focus.

We know we sure would.

Even common dental conditions such as overbite, underbite, or crooked teeth deserve unique treatment plans and special expertise for optimal treatment. The best Invisalign dentists in Vancouver know how much a treatment designed specifically for your case is worth, and they’ll give it to you.

This is how to get straight teeth in Vancouver the best way: find an Invisalign doctor who takes the time to explain the details of your treatment to you and answers your questions patiently when you ask them. It’s what you deserve.

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Pro Tip: If you’re the kind of person who likes to know if you’re getting the ‘sales pitch’ or the ‘real answers’, check out these free resources before you choose a doctor for treatment. They show you how to get your best smile and avoid all of the common problems patients run into:

Step 3 – Get Your Best Smile 50% Faster Than Average Treatment

Wait, what? 50% faster than average Invisalign treatment times? How is that simple?

If it was simple to deliver results to patients 50% faster than the average, wouldn’t every doctor be doing this?

You would think so. Here’s what we know: patients at Dr. Peter Brawn regularly finish treatment 2x faster than the latest average Invisalign treatment times on record. We’ve tracked patients’ treatment times and collected all the research so you can see for yourself.

Invisalign Smile improvement after 4 months

Getting your best smile 2x faster isn’t just the best way to get straight teeth in Vancouver, it’s the best simple way, too.

Here’s what Alex had to say after he finished treatment:

Transformative results! Dr. Brawn’s treatment with Invisalign is life-changing. Looking back at where my teeth were a year ago, they are unrecognizable. I had severe crowding with one tooth completely angled inwards. Now just over a year later, they are completely straight entirely using Invisalign.

Initially, I had consulted with another orthodontist who had advised me my crowding was too severe to attempt with Invisalign. It would require 3-4 years of treatment, with several years of braces and many teeth being extracted. After meeting with Dr. Brawn and learning about his unique approach, use of the latest technology, frequent aligner changes, and 1 year treatment, it honestly sounded too good to be true.

However, I went ahead and the results have been outstanding. Aligner changes were tracked remotely every 4 days using a scan app meaning I did not have to revisit in person until halfway through. Friends and family did not even realize I was wearing my aligners. And did I mention how quickly you begin to see the results?

In my case, it was Invisalign in 1/4 the time.

Do yourself a favour, stop looking elsewhere and book with Dr. Brawn.

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How to Get Straight Teeth: Conclusion

In today’s world, more can be hard to find. Many times, Invisalign patients end up feeling like they got less than what they paid for.

We believe you ought to get more.

And so, at Dr. Peter Brawn, that’s what you’ll get. You start getting more before you even officially are a patient.

It starts with these 3 simple steps for how to get straight teeth with Invisalign:

  1. Get a Free Initial Consultation
  2. Get a Personalized Treatment Plan
  3. Get Your Best Smile 50% Faster Than Average Treatment

But it doesn’t end there. Our patients keep enjoying more all the way through treatment. Here are just a few examples of how:

  • Feel up to 75% less discomfort thanks to proven technology
  • Know you’ll always be a priority to us because we only take on 15 new patients per month (some practices take on twice that or more).
  • Save time and enjoy fewer appointments while seeing more progress

All while getting smiles results up to 2x faster than average Invisalign and braces treatment times. Get more at Dr. Peter Brawn and enjoy a treatment experience that will make you want to smile.

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