Get Your Invisalign Smile Faster & Safer With This Tip

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The shortcut to enjoying your Invisalign smile faster might surprise you.

The answer? Fewer appointments.

Yep, that’s right. Fewer appointments – not more – is the way to get accelerated Invisalign treatment results.

If you’re surprised to hear an Invisalign dentist say that you should visit for appointments less if you want to see more progress, we get it. Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it. 

We’ve been recommending fewer appointments than most Invisalign providers for years and our patients consistently see results faster than average. Today, average Invisalign treatment time for cases ranges between 18-24 months. Meanwhile, most of our patients often finish treatment in less than 12 months. 

They see much faster Invisalign smile results than average and enjoy fewer appointments. And you can, too.

We’ll show you how it’s true.

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And – if you’re looking for an Invisalign treatment option that’s even more COVID-safe for you than typical orthodontic treatment, we’ve got good news there, too. Keep reading to see how safe your Invisalign treatment can be.

How Fewer Appointments = Faster Invisalign Smiles

Invisalign is already proudly the world’s leading clear aligner and the technology behind it continues to improve rapidly. 

Even more, there have been huge advancements in orthodontic technology in general over the last 2 decades that have completely revolutionized the care and quality doctors can provide to Invisalign patients. 

Sadly for you, many orthodontists are still using generally the same appointment intervals they were taught in school years ago.

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Today, it’s completely unnecessary and can be detrimental to your treatment for you to come in for appointments nearly as often as used to be the case. Not to mention, frequent appointments are a huge drain of your valuable time. 

At the very least, attending appointments that frequently will almost certainly slow down your treatment.

The Fix for Slow Progress

Many orthodontists schedule appointments monthly – or every other month – with patients because it’s the only real time they monitor your progress. What that means is that, often, your treatment becomes dependent on another appointment in order to make significant progress. 

If that doesn’t sound ideal to you, we wholeheartedly agree. 

Shouldn’t you be able to make progress toward your best smile all the time?

The good news is, you can!

Today, technology has vastly improved to the point where if your Invisalign doctor uses Dental Monitoring (or some other kind of remote monitoring), they can monitor your tooth movement at a pixel level without you ever leaving home. That means more progress for you with fewer appointments required. 

At Dr. Peter Brawn, we also use gentle light therapy technology that increases the speed of tooth movement, reduces discomfort, and is easy to use from home.

Thanks to Dental Monitoring and accelerated Invisalign smile treatment, you can go from appointments as often as monthly at other doctors to appointments every few months (or even less). Even better, your results will improve, too!

Find an Invisalign dentist who’s done the homework and knows that fewer appointments actually producebetter results for patients today.

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Invisalign Smile Faster

COVID-Safe Invisalign Smile

So how do fewer appointments improve the safety and infection control of contagious viruses like COVID-19?

The best way to explain it is with a real-life example. Here’s what a visit to our practice at Dr. Peter Brawn is like for you.

1 – We typically only see 1 patient at a time.

Or at the very most, 2 patients. Contrast this with most high-rated Invisalign practices that are designed to see many patients at the same time and always have every seat in the practice filled. That’s a lot of human traffic and air you’ll be exposed to.

2 – We only accept 15 new patients per month.

This way, you can be confident that our approach around seeing only 1-2 patients at a time isn’t going to suddenly change on you during treatment. Some Invisalign practices start as many new patients as they can, so their offices are always busy and have lots of turnover.

3 – You get our full attention.

Not only is this great for infection control, but it’s great for your treatment, too. Some Invisalign dentists juggle over a hundred patients in a single day. That’s simply never going to be the case for you at Dr. Peter Brawn. You get our undivided focus when you come in for an appointment.

4 – We sanitize everything fully between patients.

Hopefully, every Invisalign dentist you speak to will have a sanitization process. But when the next patient is already in the waiting room ready to sit down, the sanitizing looks much different than if there’s space and time between appointments. At Dr. Peter Brawn, you benefit from the fact that our appointment schedule isn’t back-to-back all day, so our sanitization between appointments can be much more complete and effective.

5 – We go above and beyond with Ultraviolet disinfection.

In response to COVID-19, we installed ultraviolet (UVC) disinfection light fixtures that kill pathogens in the air and on surfaces. These UVC disinfection lights run between each patient visit and minimize your exposure to pathogens beyond what even thorough sanitization can possibly accomplish. With UVC disinfection at Dr. Peter Brawn, you can be confident you’re visiting a thoroughly cleaned environment every single time. 

If feeling confident that you are in a safe environment from COVID-19 is important to you, there are many unique ways our approach to fewer appointments at Dr. Peter Brawn will benefit you. You’ll be around less patients, experience much less exposure, enjoy less turnover, and have confidence you’re in a clean environment.

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Invisalign Smile Faster: Conclusion

It turns out, fewer appointments during Invisalign treatment is a tip with a huge win-win pay-off for you.

You keep control of more of your valuable time AND you get to enjoy your best Invisalign smile faster. (Plus, the confidence that you’re getting your new smile in a place that takes your COVID-19 safety seriously.)

Here’s the best part, we saved it for last: at Dr. Peter Brawn, Invisalign also gets you straight teeth 2x faster than average treatment times. It’s Invisalign in Half the Time™.

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Get your great smile 50% faster and enjoy reduced office visits with accelerated Invisalign at Dr. Peter Brawn in Vancouver.

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