How fast does Invisalign work?

Invisalign has exploded with popularity recently, but it can be harder to find out what the rage is all about. Sure, Invisalign is clear and that’s a nice perk. But does it work? And is it going to take years longer than braces? Seriously, how fast is Invisalign actually?

We’re here to answer your Invisalign questions and make the facts clear. In this post, you’ll get answers to questions like: 

  • What stat would some orhtodontists prefer you not know?
  • How fast does Invisalign work? 
  • Are you going to be sacrificing time or money just for a little extra comfort?
  • Why have over 10 million people chosen Invisalign to get a smile they love?

(Wait until you see how much different your smile can look after just 4 months…)

How fast does Invisalign work?

How long does normal orthodontic treatment take?

Here’s a stat that some orthodontists would prefer you not hear: studies show that patients lose motivation at the 12-month mark of treatment. 

With that in mind, guess how long average orthodontic treatment in Canada lasts? 

Answer: Between 18-24 months.

Yikes! In fact, a recent study conducted in the United States reported that the average treatment times in America are now at least 22-24 months. That’s almost two years! And basically twice as long as the prime window for patient motivation. 

If doctors know that patients are the most motivated during the first 12 months of treatment, shouldn’t they do everything they can to serve their patients and set them up for success? Shouldn’t they try to make Invisalign treatment and braces treatment shorter?  Sure, getting straight teeth takes time, but shouldn’t they aim for as close to 12 months as possible?

We sure believe so.

How fast is standard Invisalign?

Generally speaking, standard Invisalign treatment is comparable or shorter in treatment length to standard braces.

But there’s good news: it can be much faster. Like, twice as fast.

How fast is Invisalign at Dr. Peter Brawn?

We believe that doctors owe it to you and your smile to provide you with orthodontic treatment that sets you up for success and delivers your very best smile possible without costing you years of time, tons of headaches, and all your savings. With Invisalign at Dr. Peter Brawn, that’s exactly what you get. 

Most of our patients finish Invisalign treatment within 1 year or less.

You got it – as much as 2x faster (sometimes even more) than standard Invisalign or braces. This is your real answer to how fast Invisalign works.

We’ve identified a huge advantage for adults and children that reduces your treatment time by 50% or more. In some cases, depending on complexity, you can be done in even a quarter of the time of standard treatments. 

With shorter treatment times, you avoid the potential risks associated with longer treatment times: gum disease, tooth decay, white spot lesions, and many others. The technology we use is clinically proven and has been used in sports medicine, burn units, and even cancer treatments. You’ll get faster results without adding any additional discomfort. In fact, we have studies that show your pain during Invisalign treatment is reduced by up to 75%.

Here’s one more stat for you: at Dr. Peter Brawn, 80% of your smile improvement takes place in your first 4 months of Invisalign. Compare that to only about 32% of smile improvement after 4 months with standard Invisalign or braces. Now that’s Invisalign fast!


How fast does Invisalign work? Most people will tell you that it’s usually about the same as braces or a little faster. 

But at Dr. Peter Brawn, Invisalign can often be 2x faster than standard orthodontic treatment. Yep, twice as fast as standard braces AND standard Invisalign. You can own a smile you love in half the time it takes with standard Invisalign or braces. 

Many people believe that Invisalign will cost far more than braces, but in Canada, Invisalign is actually comparable in price. Braces generally cost between $5,000 and $10,000. Most of our patients pay between $4900 and $8900 for their Invisalign treatment at Dr. Peter Brawn. 

Life’s too short to spend years waiting for a smile you love and hours in long orthodontic appointments. Why settle for Invisalign normal when you can have Invisalign fast*? 

We believe everyone deserves a smile they love, so you can get a free consultation with us and see first-hand how fast Invisalign can be for you. Plus, you’ll also get a simulation of what your smile can look like after Invisalign – also free! Get Invisalign in half in the time.

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*= At a comparable price too! Read more about Invisalign cost here


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