Looking for Vancouver Braces? Here’s the Secret to a Great Smile Fast

Vancouver Braces

If you’re looking for a great smile and considering braces in Vancouver to get it but don’t want to spend years waiting to see results, we wrote this for you.

There’s a secret to getting a great smile fast – without waiting years like you’ll have to with many orthodontists. But a warning first: the answer might surprise you (and the cost might, too). 

Here it is: Invisalign in Half the Time.

No, this isn’t one of those clickbait posts that sells you on something that is too good to be true. The proof speaks for itself. This isn’t a secret that is going to cost you a fortune to claim either. In fact (spoiler alert!), the key to getting your great smile fast is similar in price to what you’d typically pay for Vancouver braces. 

It’s so simple and accessible that it really shouldn’t be a secret at all, and that’s why we’re on a mission to make sure that people like you know exactly what’s possible. 

It’s not mysterious. It isn’t complicated. And it won’t cost you an arm and a leg just to get straight teeth. It’s simple, clear, and comparable in cost to braces and standard Invisalign. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what real, live people from Vancouver have to say about their new great smile and Invisalign in Half the Time:

Patient Reviews

I am just over 3 months into my treatment and thrilled with the results so far. I have seen about 95% of the results I was hoping for and so happy with how quickly this was achieved.
– Hannah Galloway

Dr. Brawn and his staff have been nothing short of wonderful…For anyone looking to achieve their best smile, I highly recommend Dr. Brawn and his team. And, it really does take half the time! Many thanks to Peter and his amazing team of tooth wizards.
– Fletcher Donovan

I highly recommend Dr. Brawn! The team went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the results, and the whole process was very smooth. There are COVID precautions in place, and I felt very safe during my appointment!
– Larissa W.

I am coming towards the end of my treatment with Dr. Brawn and I can honestly say I am thrilled with results! I am getting married later this year and knowing that I now have a great smile makes it even more exciting.
– Rachel Parker

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Keep reading to see how results like these can be yours.

Vancouver Braces: What to Expect

To truly know what you’re getting with Invisalign in Half the Time, it can be helpful to hear what you’d get if you chose braces in Vancouver instead. Here’s what you can typically expect when you proceed with treatment via braces in Vancouver…

Average Treatment Time for Braces

The latest study on average treatment time for braces in North America reported an average treatment length of 18-24 months. That’s nearly two whole years of wearing braces! 

And that’s if you’re fortunate enough to have an average case. If you run into any challenges or complexities, good luck. Your treatment time could be even longer. 

What’s worse – the average treatment time is going up, not down. A new study in the United States said the average treatment time for braces (and generic Invisalign) is now closer to a full 24 months. 

That’s probably because research has clearly shown that patients begin to lose commitment and motivation with treatment around the 12-month mark. The orthodontic industry has known this for years, yet treatment approaches have hardly changed. 

We believe that you deserve better care.

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Discomfort During Treatment

Typical orthodontic treatment with braces involves using progressively stronger wires. The wires exert force on your teeth. Usually, your doctor will place a new wire on the braces during each of your check-up appointments. 

Because your wires are only adjusted in person by your doctor, each new wire will put significant force on your teeth (much more force than each new Invisalign aligner, but more on that later). 

Patients often complain of pain for days up to even weeks after new wires are placed. The cycle repeats over and over again for the length of your treatment (about 2 years). 

Patients often also complain about the brackets in braces. The metal brackets sometimes scrape against your gums and can scratch the inside of your mouth. The wires, too, can also cause discomfort for patients.

Cost of Braces in Vancouver

Most orthodontic treatment in Canada costs somewhere between $5,000 – $10,000, based on the length of treatment and complexity involved.  Braces are still the most common form of orthodontic treatment and fit in this range. 

The range is so large because the level of complexity of cases can vary so significantly. That said, a standard braces case at most quality practices would typically cost you between $6,500 – $8,900 in Vancouver.

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Vancouver Invisalign: What to Expect

If that’s what to expect with braces in Vancouver, what about Invisalign? Do you really need Invisalign in Half the Time, or is standard Invisalign good enough for you? We’ll give you the information and let you decide for yourself.

Average Treatment Time for Invisalign

If you decide to go with standard Invisalign, your treatment length is going to be pretty similar to what you’d get with braces – about 18-24 months. Nearly 2 years. 

For some cases, standard Invisalign can be a bit faster than braces. For others, braces tend to be a little faster. The best thing to do is consult an expert for the specifics of your case. 

If you’re looking for an expert opinion, we offer initial consultations for free – because we believe your best smile should be as accessible as possible.

Discomfort With Standard Invisalign

Experiencing discomfort from Invisalign is just generally less likely than what you would anticipate with braces.

Clear aligners, like Invisalign, use lower forces to move teeth than braces. Patients that receive treatment with standard Invisalign generally share there is a little discomfort whenever switching to a new aligner, but that dissipates quicker than with braces – within a few days at most. 

Invisalign only uses small button-line attachments and clear aligners in their treatment system, making it much less likely to create mouth discomfort than braces that use bulky metal brackets and metal wires during treatment. 

The metal nature, size of the brackets, and pokey wires are far more prone to create discomfort for you than are the small attachments and plastic aligners. This is a clear area where standard Invisalign delivers you a huge win.

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Standard Invisalign Cost in Vancouver

Many people are surprised to hear that the typical Invisalign price in Vancouver is very comparable these days to the cost of other orthodontic treatment methods, like braces. 

Prices for Invisalign used to be noticeably higher than what you’d pay for braces for the same treatment, but those days are long gone. With the advancements in technology and the Invisalign aligner itself, the price of Invisalign is now much more competitive with the price of braces. 

Most Invisalign cases fall into the same cost range as we shared earlier for braces – $5,000 – $10,000. Your average Invisalign case generally costs about what an average braces case does: $6,500 – $8,900. Sometimes Invisalign can cost a bit more than braces, but really, the prices are very comparable. 

Your insurance coverage for Invisalign would be identical to the coverage you would get for braces, too. So you’re not missing out on anything there by going with Invisalign.

Summary of Vancouver Braces & Standard Invisalign

Ok, so standard Invisalign in Vancouver is maybe a little bit better than braces if you’re focused on quality and comfort – but definitely not what we promised to you. And not any meaningfully faster than braces in Vancouver. 

Invisalign is great in a lot of ways, but on its own, it can’t get you a great smile fast. 

Braces are a proven option and might save you a little cash, but you’ll still be waiting years for results and will probably be dealing with a whole lot more discomfort. 

To get your great smile fast, there’s only one option – Invisalign in Half the Time.

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Vancouver Braces - Invisalign Smile

Invisalign in Half the Time

Now that you know what to expect from the two most common options for getting straight teeth and a great smile, here’s what you get from the alternative you deserve.

Invisalign in Half the Time Average Treatment Time

At Dr. Peter Brawn, most of our patients finish Invisalign treatment in just 1 year or less. That’s about 12 months, or 2x faster than the average length of treatment you should expect at other orthodontists and dentists.

If doctors know that many patients lose motivation after 12 months, should they do everything they can to make treatment shorter than that? We sure believe so! 

That’s exactly the kind of care you get with Invisalign in Half the Time – treatment that’s focused on you and your smile from the very beginning. 

With shorter treatment times, you avoid all kinds of potential risks associated with longer treatments: gum disease, tooth decay, white spot lesions, and many others. 

The process we use for Invisalign treatment is proven to save you 50% of treatment time (or more), reduce the number of appointments required to get results, and deliver you more results sooner in treatment.

Invisalign in Half the Time - Smile Improvement After 4 Months

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Discomfort with Invisalign in Half the Time

There’s one more thing you ought to know about Invisalign in Half the Time: the technology we use will let you avoid even more discomfort during treatment than standard Invisalign.

In fact, we have studies showing patients’ discomfort being reduced by up to 75% from the peak amounts of discomfort they would typically experience from wearing a new set of aligners. 

The amount of discomfort you’d avoid with Invisalign in Half the Time is even greater when you compare it to typical discomfort levels from braces. 

Yes, it’s completely possible to experience less discomfort at the same time as seeing faster progress with your smile. We’ve proven it. That’s the kind of win-win that you don’t want to miss out on enjoying.

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Cost of Invisalign in Half the Time

This is about the time where you’re probably wondering what all these benefits are going to cost you. Fair enough. We won’t keep you waiting any longer, because there’s good news to share.

The price of Invisalign in Half the Time is very comparable to what you’d pay for Vancouver braces or standard Invisalign. The cost of Invisalign treatment for most of our patients ranges between $5,500 – $8,900. 

We told you the cost might surprise you! 

We believe that everyone deserves a smile they love, so we’ve made it our mission to make getting your best smile as accessible as possible – and that includes how much it costs. 

So, yes, you can get your great smile faster with Invisalign in Half the Time, enjoy less discomfort, and fewer appointments all for a very comparable price to what you’d pay for standard Invisalign treatment or braces elsewhere.

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Looking at Vancouver Braces?: Conclusion

Don’t settle for long years of treatment, slower results, more check-ups, and greater discomfort all to save just a few dollars. 

Get your free consultation today for Invisalign at Dr. Peter Brawn and we’ll show exactly what your new smile can look like in half the time it would take elsewhere.

It shouldn’t take years for you to own your best smile. Great quality and care doesn’t have to be complicated and expensive either. 

We believe everyone deserves a smile they love. That’s why we worked hard to create Invisalign in Half the Time – because we believe that’s what you deserve. 

And it’s why we work to make it as simple and accessible for you as possible. 

If you’re looking at getting braces in Vancouver, get a free consultation on us first.

We’ll show you exactly what your smile can look like before you even start treatment, and tell you clearly how you’ll get there 2x faster than you can at other orthodontists. We have flexible payment plans and discounts when you pay up front, too.

Skip the hassle, discomfort, and years of waiting. Get Invisalign in Half the Time today.

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Dr Peter Brawn

Invisalign in Half the Time

Get your great smile 50% faster and enjoy reduced office visits with accelerated Invisalign at Dr. Peter Brawn in Vancouver.

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