Hidden Invisalign Attachments – Here’s How

Invisible Invisalign Attachments - Dr. Peter Brawn

A lot of Invisalign patients are surprised when they receive their aligners and end up with Invisalign attachments (or ‘bumps’) on their front teeth. But for certain cases where front teeth alignment is a part of treatment to achieve a great Invisalign smile, attachments are necessary.

So, if you’re looking for a discreet solution to getting straight teeth and a great smile and were excited about Invisalign for that reason, what’s the solution?

We’ve got a great one for you.

Hidden Invisalign attachments.

They’re not quite invisible but they might as well be! Our solution for Invisalign attachments on front teeth at Dr. Peter Brawn is entirely hidden from view. 

Even at normal conversational distances, your friends, families, clients, and coworkers won’t be able to tell that you even have attachments on at all. 

Before this goes on too long and starts to seem like one of those too-good-to-be-true things, we’ll tell you the secret. At Dr. Peter Brawn, we hide your attachments on the backside of your front teeth. 

We call them Hidden Invisalign Attachments. You could call them ‘invisible’, because well, they might as well be. 

Dr. Peter Brawn Invisalign Attachments vs. Typical Attachments

We made this for you, because in Vancouver, we kept hearing from patients who wanted – or even needed – a more discreet way to get a smile they love than standard Invisalign with attachments on front teeth allowed for. 

So, if you:

  • Are an actor, model, or rely on a professional smile for your career,
  • Want to avoid the visibility of attachments on front teeth,
  • Have been searching for a way to skip Invisalign with attachments,
  • Simply want great Invisalign results fast…

We made Hidden Invisalign Attachments for you.

Keep reading to see how to avoid missing out on an even better Invisalign smile during treatment than you can achieve with even standard Invisalign with attachments. And you’ll still finish treatment 2x faster than you would with another Invisalign doctor. 

It’s going to be hard for you to find results like these elsewhere.

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What Are Invisalign Attachments?

You’re probably familiar with Invisalign and what it looks like. What might be less familiar to you is the other piece of the Invisalign aligner system that goes in your mouth – Invisalign attachments.

So what are they?

Attachments are tiny tooth-colored ‘bumps’ that are bonded to your teeth. 

They are placed at very specific locations on your teeth to enable the aligners to grip your teeth and gently put pressure on them to move them into new pre-defined positions  – to get your best smile.

Standard Attachments

What’s the standard approach to Invisalign attachments you can expect with most orthodontists or dentists?

There are two main areas to talk about: (1) your back teeth, (2) your front teeth

With standard Invisalign treatment, all the attachments you require will be placed on the front side of your teeth. 

For your back teeth, that’s no big deal. The attachments are so small and discreet that, for back teeth, they’ll be out of sight and out of mind. Back Teeth attachments are not something we really ever hear patients concerned about.

But many people require Invisalign attachments on front teeth as well – not just their back teeth. These are certainly visible and remain so even when you remove your aligners. 

Invisalign with Standard Attachments

At most practices, attachments on your front teeth are simply something you must live with to get your best smile. The average treatment length for Invisalign (and braces) is 16-24 months, so you’ll probably be living with those attachments on your front teeth for quite some time.

But you don’t have to settle for that. We want to help.

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Hidden Invisalign Attachments

By now you know the secret. At Dr. Peter Brawn, we make your front teeth attachments completely hidden from view by placing them on the backside of your front teeth.

To anyone looking at you, they’re entirely invisible. 

It makes an already discreet and advanced solution like Invisalign even more discreet and advanced. When you remove your aligners, there would be no way for anyone to know that you’re even in the middle of Invisalign treatment at all. 

Invisible Invisalign Attachments

We know what you’re thinking – is this going to slow down my treatment progress?

That’s the great news – no! In fact, it can help reduce treatment time even more.

Our patients are used to great results much faster than they can find elsewhere. Any solution we provide has to deliver great Invisalign smiles in half the time. 

So, we’ve developed a unique process that allows any patient to enjoy the benefits of invisible Invisalign attachments and still finish their treatment in the same amount of time as if you were to get standard attachments on your front teeth.

The only additional commitment for you is to eat meals with your aligners on. (Don’t worry, we’ve developed reliable methods for keeping your Invisalign clean and fresh – we’ll help you.)

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Hidden Invisalign Attachments: Conclusion

We can’t claim to be the only Invisalign practice giving patients the benefit of invisible attachments – though we’re the only one we know of in Vancouver. But we can confidently say you won’t find another practice exclusively dedicated to accelerated Invisalign in half the time and invisible attachments.

Invisible Attachments is the most discreet solution to Invisalign treatment in Vancouver.

At Dr. Peter Brawn, it’s also the fastest. 

Invisalign treatment at Dr. Peter Brawn is 50% faster – or more – than standard Invisalign. Instead of nearly 2 years on average, most of our patients finish treatment in less than 1 year. 

If you want straight teeth fast with treatment that’s essentially invisible to any observer, end your search and start Invisalign in Half the Time today.

Avoid waiting years for a smile you love, and spending hours in long orthodontist appointments, with minimal progress to show for it. Get your great smile faster.

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Get your great smile 50% faster and enjoy reduced office visits with accelerated Invisalign at Dr. Peter Brawn in Vancouver.

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