“Invisalign Without Attachments”: Here’s How to Get Your Perfect Straight Teeth Attachment-Free

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See how owning your best smile may not require attachments.

If you’re investigating orthodontic treatment and are surprised to find out that your treatment plan will require Invisalign attachments, you’re not alone.

Many patients are excited by Invisalign aligners because they are a great, nearly invisible, and discreet alternative to traditional braces. But for certain types of cases where front teeth alignment is a part of treatment, you simply need attachments.

We’ve written before about a great, discreet solution we’ve developed at Dr. Peter Brawn to solve this disappointment for you: Hidden Invisalign Attachments.

If you’re searching for “Invisalign no attachments”, this highly effective treatment system might be for you. It exclusively uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver only the best clear aligner smiles, combining advanced materials with precision design & development. And at Dr. Peter Brawn, you’ll also benefit from his expertise focusing exclusively on clear aligners and Invisalign treatment.

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Are Invisalign Attachments Necessary?

Yes, while the number of attachments requires can vary from case to case, at least some Invisalign attachments are necessary in the vast majority of Invisalign aligners cases. If you are pursuing Invisalign treatment, you should expect to need attachments.

However, in the hands of an Invisalign Specialist, it is possible to hide your Invisalign attachments on front teeth or even eliminate them altogether. To find out more about attachment-free treatment, keep reading or get a free 15-minute virtual 1-on-1 consultation directly with our in-house expert: Dr. Brawn.

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Can I Get Invisalign With No Attachments?

Yes, it is possible to get traditional Invisalign with no Invisalign attachments. However, it’s important to know that your final smile results will not be as perfect due to some precision tooth movement being impossible without attachments.

Only your orthodontist or Invisalign dentist can tell you whether it is possible with your case to proceed without Invisalign attachments. It’s always wise to follow the treatment plan advice of an expert you can trust.

If you’re looking for clear aligner treatment with no attachments, we have a solution designed for you…

What is the No Attachment Aligner System?

At Dr. Peter Brawn, we utilize a unique, clinically-proven material designed with more precision and accuracy than even many of the leading clear aligner brands.

This material is activated by your body temperature, allowing the aligners to consistently and gently move teeth into the desired position.

At Dr. Peter Brawn, our patients already enjoy less discomfort and faster treatment than at other orthodontists and dentists in Vancouver. But with our No Attachment Aligner System, you enjoy even more of both. You get up to:

  • 2x faster treatment

  • 75% less discomfort

  • 50% less in-person appointments required

If that’s not convincing enough, you can also start treatment much sooner instead of waiting sometimes up to 30 days or more for your aligner trays to arrive and start Invisalign treatment.

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Key Benefits of No Attachment Aligners:

Rapid Production and Shorter Treatment Time: These aligners are produced using on-demand 3D printing, significantly reducing wait times for aligners. This efficiency can lead to a shorter overall treatment duration.

Improved Fit and Comfort: The precision of custom 3D printing ensures a highly accurate fit, conforming perfectly to the individual contours of your teeth for increased comfort.

Fewer Attachments Needed: The enhanced fit from the accurate 3D printing process significantly reduces the need for additional attachments, making your treatment simpler and less invasive.

Enhanced Aesthetics: The accuracy of the printing, combined with fewer attachments, results in a more aesthetically pleasing aligner that is virtually invisible.

Consistent, Gentle Pressure: The unique material exerts a continuous, more gentle force, reducing discomfort commonly associated with traditional aligners.

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What to Consider To Not Need Attachments in Treatment

Cost: Advanced technology may come with a higher price tag.

Limited Long-term Data: Being a newer product, there might be less data available on long-term outcomes. There are a number of published articles on the technology and its scientific basis. Dr Kenji Ojima, a leading global orthodontist and Dr Brawn’s orthodontic mentor has shifted his entire patient base to this advanced aligner system over the last 2 years after carefully evaluating the effectiveness of the system.

side-by-side comparison of smile with no invisalign attachments vs. traditional braces

Comparison vs. Traditional Braces & Traditional Invisalign Treatment

While Invisalign & Invisalign attachments have a long-standing reputation and wider availability, this no attachment aligner system offers many benefits including:

  • starting treatment much faster

  • faster treatment

  • more precise tooth rotation & movement

  • just as, if not more, discreet and aesthetically appealing

  • far more comfortable than even traditional Invisalign treatment (let alone braces)

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Invisalign Attachments vs. No Attachments Free Consultation

Your decision between no attachments treatment and traditional systems should be based on your individual needs, case complexity, and personal preferences. We’d love to help.

If owning your best smile using clear aligners that do not require attachments sounds appealing to you, Dr. Peter Brawn might be for you. Our patients enjoy top-class orthodontic treatment that includes:

  • finishing treatment up to 2x faster* than average in Vancouver (and the rest of Canada),

  • owning a beautiful smile that only requires about half the appointments of another orthodontist or dentist,

  • and as much as 75% less discomfort than typical treatment.

Get a free 10-minute virtual consultation directly with Dr. Peter Brawn below.

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See the evidence if this seems too good to be true. All orthodontic issues and cases are unique, and the time required for your teeth shift and straighten may vary.

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