What are Invisalign Attachments? 5 Things to Know

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Invisalign treatment is an exciting option if you want a discreet way to straighten your teeth and avoid metal brackets and wires. While not everyone requires Invisalign attachments during their treatment process, they can be essential to achieving your best smile in many cases.

For Invisalign patients starting treatment, it can be disappointing for them to hear that attachments will be required to see their best smile results – and sometimes, the attachments are even necessary on teeth that are visible to others.

With Invisalign being promoted as the most discreet orthodontic treatment option (which it is),  this can be quite surprising. And we get it. So we’ve designed a better way to do Invisalign attachments.

In this post, we’ll show you the 5 key things you really need to know about Invisalign attachments and then give you a solution to this classic Invisalign attachment problem where you don’t have to compromise.

So keep reading to the end to find out how our solution for ‘invisible’ Invisalign attachments will:

  1. Give you all the benefits of using Invisalign attachments in your treatment
  2. Keep your attachments essentially invisible to everyone around you
  3. End your treatment with your best smile
  4. Reduce traditional discomfort during Invisalign treatment by up to 75%
  5. Get you all of this in 50% less time than it takes average patients to finish treatment.

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What are Invisalign Attachments?

Invisalign attachments are small, tooth-colored bumps (or buttons) made of a composite material that is bonded to your teeth temporarily for your treatment.

Invisalign Attachments
Invisalign attachments are small tooth-colored, bumps that help move your teeth into their ideal positions.

They provide extra stability and help move your teeth into their desired positions more efficiently. The attachments help with additional grip for your aligners so that they stay in place and ensure they fit correctly on each tooth. They also provide small forces to move your teeth into their ideal placement. 

The attachments come in different sizes, shapes and colors, depending on where they are placed in your mouth. Generally speaking, they are clear or tooth-colored so as not to be visible when you smile or talk.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Attachments?

When it comes to using attachments with Invisalign, there is very little risk involved. When you follow the recommendations and tips of an Invisalign expert for keeping your mouth and aligners clean, you’ll have nearly nothing to worry about with attachments.

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5 Things to Know about Invisalign Attachments

1. For most cases, Invisalign Attachments are necessary.

Attachments play an important role during Invisalign treatment by ensuring that each tooth can move into its desired position with precision and accuracy—which means better results for you!

Without attachments, some teeth may require longer treatment times or additional adjustments before they reach their ideal positioning because there would be nothing guiding them into place as they move around in your mouth. By providing an extra point of contact between the aligners and each specific tooth, attachments make it easier to achieve straighter smiles faster.

2. Attachments are your friend.

If Invisalign attachments are required for your case, it’s to help you. In many cases, the attachments are needed to get you to the best version of your smile.

For example, if you have teeth that need extra movement or additional control, then attaching these small buttons (the attachments) can enable this process and help it along by providing additional support for the aligners.

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Invisalign attachments are much smaller and more discreet than the brackets and bondings that come with other orthodontic treatment methods, like braces. So, when placed on most of your teeth, they’re not bothersome or visible like braces. But, in some cases…

3. They might be required on your front teeth.

Attachments can be placed on any tooth—upper or lower—and typically range from 4-8 per arch. Generally speaking, attachments are placed on the teeth that need to be moved most drastically during treatment.

For example, if you have an overbite or an underbite, your doctor will likely place some attachments on your front teeth to help correct the misalignment of your jawline. 

And that’s what can be surprising for some Invisalign patients because now the attachments are visible to others.

It’s tempting to start to ask if you can just skip those attachments and still get a great smile, but remember #2: Attachments are your friend.

So, before going down that road, stay with us just a little bit longer. There’s really good news coming. But first, let’s get one more key fact out of the way.

4. Invisalign attachments are not removable.

The attachments are placed at very specific locations on your teeth to enable the aligners to grip your teeth and gently put pressure on them to move them into their new, ideal positions.

All of this is important to get you your best smile and requires careful precision and expertise from your doctor. That’s why you want to put your smile only in the hands of an experienced Invisalign Specialist.

It’s also why attachments are not removable, and why you wouldn’t want them to be. Removable attachments would be bad news for your treatment and future smile. So, unfortunately, this won’t do as a solution for those disappointing attachments that are required on front teeth and visible to other people.

But there’s good news! And here it is…

5. We can hide your Invisalign attachments.

At Dr. Peter Brawn, we’ve designed a way for patients like you to get all the same great benefits and results from attachments on your front teeth without the attachments actually being visible to anybody.

We call them Hidden Invisalign Attachments – they’re not quite invisible but they might as well be. Our solution for Invisalign attachments on front teeth is entirely hidden from view. 

Even at normal conversational distances, your friends, families, clients, and coworkers won’t be able to tell that you even have attachments at all.

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It doesn’t only work in theory, it’s working in reality, too. Patients all over Vancouver are delighted with the results that are possible with Hidden Invisalign Attachments.

Hidden Invisalign Attachments at Dr. Peter Brawn vs. the Typical Way
Invisalign Attachments at Dr. Peter Brawn can be essentially invisible.

When we introduce this idea, we often hear two questions back from people:

  1. Is this going to slow down my treatment progress?
  2. Will my final smile results be negatively impacted?

And the answer is simple and prove: No!

In fact, in our studies, our process of hiding attachments can help speed up your treatment progress even more.

And as for your final smile, our patients are used to great results and we intend to keep it that way. So we only introduce new improvements that make your final smile better. And that’s exactly what you’ll get with Hidden Invisalign Attachments at Dr. Peter Brawn.

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Invisalign attachments are an essential part of any successful Invisalign treatment plan. Not only do attachments allow for precise movements so that each tooth can reach its desired position more accurately; but they also provide extra stability so that your aligners stay firmly in place as you wear them throughout treatment.

But we can all agree it’s ideal if these attachments could be hidden from the view of others.

That’s what Hidden Attachments at Dr. Peter Brawn does for you.

We can’t claim to be the only Invisalign practice giving patients the benefit of invisible attachments, but we’re the only one we know of in Vancouver.

And we can confidently say you won’t find another practice exclusively dedicated to accelerated Invisalign with treatment up to 2x faster and invisible attachments.

Invisible Attachments are the most discreet solution to Invisalign treatment in Vancouver. At Dr. Peter Brawn, it’s also the fastest. Get your free consultation today.

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Hidden Invisalign Attachments make treatment basically invisible

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