Invisalign Reviews Before and After

Invisalign Reviews Before and After

If you’re looking for Invisalign reviews before and after treatment, we wrote this blog post for you. You only get one smile, so it’s important that you make a good decision when it comes to Invisalign treatment, or really any type of orthodontic treatment. This post will help you do just that. 

These reviews give you a good idea of what typical Invisalign treatment is like, and what common experiences are with Invisalign’s biggest competitor – Smile Direct Club. 

But you shouldn’t have to settle for ‘typical’ for your Invisalign treatment. We believe that you ought to get more for your investment in your smile. 

So after each Invisalign before and after review, we’re going to ‘review’ parts of the Invisalign review and highlight how you’d experience more at Dr. Peter Brawn. 

You might think of it as myth-busting. We like to think of it as the service you deserve.

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Smile Direct Club vs. Invisalign Before and After

This video does a very nice job of reviewing some of the major differences between Smile Direct Club and Invisalign. And some of the risks. He shares his experience honestly without totally bashing Smile Direct Club, even though his experience was negative and quite dangerous for his teeth.

The key thing for you to know about Smile Direct Club is that there’s a reason the price is much lower than Invisalign, and it basically comes down to this: you receive no guidance, oversight, or assistance from an expert during your treatment. 

What does that mean? There is no dentist or orthodontist who is responsible for your diagnosis, treatment plan, and treatment results. It is truly a “Do It Yourself” method, and extremely limited in how it can improve your smile.

Here are some of the ways that showed up in this video review:

No Digital Scanning. You make the impressions of your teeth yourself. With an expert, you’d receive digital scanning that is way more accurate than even professionals can do with impressions manually. Unless you’re a professional, taking your own impressions is very risky.  

Some scanning centers are available in urban centres, but remember there are no licensed dentists or orthodontists present – you’re responsible for everything.

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No Buttons. Buttons are used in Invisalign treatment to make precision movements to your teeth that simply are not possible without them. Smile Direct Club doesn’t use buttons at all because they require a licensed dentist or orthodontist to place and remove them. Even if you want to make small refinements to your teeth, you’re probably just out of luck.

Pain. Everyone’s case is different, but as you heard in the video, it’s possible that your treatment is going to be painful. It can be more painful than it needs to be. Invisalign uses more trays than typical Smile Direct Club treatment, so the adjustments are generally much more minor, and so less painful. (More on how Invisalign can be even less painful in a second.) 

Aligner changes every 2 weeks. This is MUCH longer than Invisalign treatment at Dr. Peter Brawn. Here, our patients change aligners an average of about every 4 days. That means you complete Invisalign treatment about 50% faster than typical Invisalign and in nearly the same time as even a mild case with Smile Direct Club. 

Some people get great results from Smile Direct Club. As he said in the video, it’s designed best for people with very minor cases.

And that’s the big problem – some people don’t get results. And some people, like what happened in this video, have very painful and even dangerous experiences.

If you have even a ‘normal’ case of overbite, underbite, crooked teeth, or any other kind of common misalignment, you may not get the straight teeth results you deserve for your investment.

At Dr. Peter Brawn, all of our patients get great results. We won’t stop until you do.

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Invisalign Review: Things I Wish I Knew Before and After Invisalign

The next two videos together give a nice summary of what many typical patients experience as the pros and cons of Invisalign. 

These Invisalign reviews before and after treatment share a lot in common, so we’ll write first about the unique things each covers and then break down a few of the big things that they both mention.

In this first video, Shelby Church brings up a few things that you’ll want to hear.

The first is at the very end. After saying that for her Invisalign was definitely worth it,  she also mentions that she was surprised by how involved it was and the hassle it was to deal with – especially her sore teeth. 

That’s true for many typical Invisalign patients. It can be a surprising amount of hassle, discomfort, and unattractive side effects.

At Dr. Peter Brawn, you’ll experience a lot less of that. Here are a few ways Shelby’s treatment would’ve been more enjoyable with us:

  • Have your attachments hidden at Dr. Peter Brawn (more on this later).
  • Change aligners every 4 days, instead of the typical Invisalign average of every 7 days. It keeps aligners much more fresh and invisible (not to mention way less gross).
  • If your aligners do get dirty, you can remove them and clean them for 10 minutes whenever you need (we’ll give you some great tips that are very portable).
  • Enjoy up to 75% less discomfort with our clinically proven light therapy device you can use from home.

On top of all that, the same technology that gives you less discomfort also increases your progress. Most of our patients finish 2x faster than average Invisalign treatment times.

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What I Wish I Knew Before Invisalign Review

One of the things that Shelby mentioned in her video was having a lisp. One of the first things we noticed about Lucie’s video is that she never mentions a lisp, and she doesn’t have one at the start of her video where she’s talking with her aligners in. 

Some people do have a lisp when wearing Invisalign at first. It definitely happens. But it doesn’t happen for everyone, and it typically improves over a short period of time. 

If you’re someone who speaks, acts, or uses your voice a lot in professional settings, we work with patients like you all the time. 

If the mention of a potential lisp is concerning, just bring that up in your initial free consultation, and we’ll work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to fit your needs and still get you great results in less time.

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A few other things from Lucie’s Invisalign review are valuable insights for you: 

Invisalign aligners that irritate your gums. This can definitely happen, and usually, patients have a very similar initial reaction to Lucie. They’re hesitant to adjust their aligners because they don’t want to mess up treatment. That’s very understandable. 

But don’t worry, Invisalign shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable for you and in nearly all cases it’s okay to slightly polish your aligners with a nail file to make it more comfortable.

No snacking. For all you foodies out there, hear this one loud and clear: we encourage snacking with your Invisalign! 

Believe it or not, eating with your Invisalign in can actually speed up your treatment. The act of chewing and using your teeth in their new positions helps them to more quickly adapt and shift as desired. 

For patients who want to see the fastest results possible, we encourage eating all your meals with your Invisalign (and then removing them for 10 minutes to clean and freshen them after). 

Meals and snacks are some of the best times for making accelerated progress in your treatment. 

We understand in Lucie’s case, part of the situation is that her teeth were sore, and keeping her Invisalign clean was such a hassle that snacking just didn’t have the same appeal for her. 

That’s a bummer. And it can be different for you with Invisalign. 

At Dr. Peter Brawn, you’ll receive a device to use at home that can reduce your pain by up to 75% during treatment. 

The same device will help you get results a lot faster (2x faster) and be able to switch Invisalign aligners in a lot fewer days (patients average about 4) so your aligners stay a lot fresher than other patients like Lucie. Snack away!

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Teeth Filing. With technology around today, teeth filing (IPR or Interproximal Reduction or Slenderizing) doesn’t have to be as gross and uncomfortable as it once was. 

If your smile would benefit from slenderizing, you don’t have to dread it. Our fast, customized process for IPR is much better than manual filing and has almost no discomfort. 

It’s hard to remove Invisalign. This is very rare for our patients and not a typical part of Invisalign treatment. If you consistently have trouble removing your aligners, let us know, and we can provide a removal “key” which helps in these cases.

3 Key Things: Invisalign Before and After

3 Key Things: Invisalign Before and After

Now to cover the three 3 most important topics from the Invisalign reviews above.

1 – Pain

Pain and discomfort can be a part of typical Invisalign treatment. But patients at Dr. Peter Brawn experience a whole lot more freedom. 

At most Invisalign orthodontists and dentists, doctors simply start their patients on Invisalign and provide tips for treating discomfort. At Dr. Peter Brawn, we help you actually prevent it. 

When you start treatment, you’ll receive a small device with your Invisalign that is free for you to use at home for your entire treatment. It uses gentle light therapy to reduce your tooth discomfort by up to 75%, and at the same time, increase the speed you see results. 

So at the same time that you’re experiencing less discomfort than typical Invisalign patients, you’re also getting faster and better results.

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2 – Attachments

Many patients are surprised when they start Invisalign and have to receive attachments on their teeth, sometimes even teeth that are visible. That was the case for both Shelby and Lucie in their Invisalign reviews. 

At most Invisalign orthodontic practices, you would simply have to settle for wearing the attachments on your teeth or settle for getting lower-quality results with your new smile.

You shouldn’t have to settle. So we’ve done something about it.

At Dr. Peter Brawn, we can hide your attachments on the backside of your front teeth. You could call them ‘invisible’ Invisalign attachments, because they might as well be.

It’s a way more discreet way to get your best Invisalign results without having to settle for a worse-looking treatment.

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3 – Staining + Bad Breath

We hear versions of this concern a lot.

The problem: most typical Invisalign patients need to wear each set of aligners for 7-14 days. To see the most results in your treatment, it’s ideal to wear your aligners as much as possible every day. 

That’s a long time to be wearing something in your mouth nearly 24-7. It’s bound to get a little dirty.

The solution: What if you only had to wear your aligners for about 4 days instead of 7-14? That would really help keep your aligners much more fresh, clean, and clear. At Dr. Peter Brawn, that’s exactly what you get. 
We also have ready-to-go tips for you to keep your aligners clean in less than 10 minutes a day. It’s a simple way to get your best Invisalign results fast and keep your mouth fresh and feeling good.

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Ali’s Invisalign Review at Dr. Peter Brawn

We’ve been talking with you about how you’ll get more at Dr. Peter Brawn. Now, here’s a chance for you to see it.

You ought to get more for your Invisalign treatment. In today’s world, that can be hard to find. Many times, Invisalign patients end up feeling like they got less than what they paid for. 

At Dr. Peter Brawn, you don’t have to take our word for it. Patients like Ali experience more results every day (see reviews). 

From seeing results 2x faster than average Invisalign patients to feeling less discomfort along the way to knowing you’ll always be a priority because we only take on 15 new patients a month, we’ll work hard to deliver you more at every step of your experience.

Finish your Invisalign treatment in Vancouver 50% faster than average treatment times elsewhere and get more.

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