Can You Eat With Invisalign On?

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As soon as they hear that Invisalign aligners are completely removable for eating and drinking, many of our patients ask, Can you eat with Invisalign on?

If you’re wondering the same thing, the answer might surprise you. 

Here’s the answer: not only can you eat with Invisalign on, we recommend it! Eating with Invisalign on helps you see faster progress and better results for your new smile.

Keep reading for more tips on how to eat with Invisalign on.

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Why Can You Eat With Invisalign On?

For many patients, part of the appeal with Invisalign is that you don’t have to wear them while you eat. Compared to braces, which are notorious for getting food stuck in them, being able to remove your Invisalign and eat normally is a huge plus. 

A lot of patients at Dr. Peter Brawn do just that – they eat their meals and drink coffee or wine with their Invisalign off. And that’s totally approved by us. No shaming whatsoever at your next visit 🙂 

But some patients, with encouragement from us, have made the choice to eat with Invisalign on. And here’s why: eating with your Invisalign on is one of the first things we recommend to see results and straight teeth faster. It’s one of the ways that our patients regularly finish treatment 2x faster than average Invisalign patients in Vancouver.

If you want to get straight teeth faster, eating with Invisalign on might be for you.

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Eating With Invisalign On

How Does Eating With Invisalign on Increase Progress?

If you want more proof, we understand. Eating with your Invisalign on to speed up progress could sound like a sneaky ploy to get you to wear your Invisalign more of the day. 

And, actually, that’s partially true! But here’s the whole science behind faster results when you eat with your Invisalign on.

The more you actively use your teeth with your aligners in, the faster your teeth will move into their new positions. And during meals is when your teeth are at their absolutely most active in your day. 

So removing your Invisalign aligners during meals is actually a huge missed opportunity for progress. Because wearing your aligners during meals is when you’re likely to see the most amount of progress in your treatment each day. 

We have full studies that prove eating with your Invisalign on can speed up your treatment. Come in for a free Invisalign consultation and ask us about them. We’ll share all the facts and science with you.

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Why Don’t Most Invisalign Patients Eat With Their Aligners On?

When we first bring up eating with your aligners on to patients, most of the questions we receive essentially boil down to some version of this question. And it’s a great one.

If eating with Invisalign on is so good for your treatment progress, why isn’t it more common? 

You’ve asked an awesome question, and it deserves an answer. There are a couple of reasons eating with your Invisalign on isn’t more common, and here they are.

#1 – Most doctors today were trained & taught with braces

A huge drawback of braces is that they’re constantly getting food in them and there’s no way around it. Because braces aren’t removable during treatment, it’s impossible to avoid the issue of food getting stuck in them.

This challenge with braces meant that when Invisalign came out, doctors immediately recognized their removability as a great selling point to patients connected to food. 

Invisalign are entirely removable during treatment which completely eliminates the issue of food getting stuck in them or needing to have food restrictions during treatment. 

This positioning of Invisalign stuck, and most doctors have never questioned it or given it a second thought. They’ve continued on with the easiest sales pitch: Invisalign is removable so you don’t have to worry about them when you eat.

While easy, they’re actually causing you to miss out on a better way of treatment and faster results. Eating with your Invisalign on can get you both. But most doctors haven’t even considered it because of their training and experience. 

At Dr. Peter Brawn you’ll get more  – more results, more focus, and more value.

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#2 – At most doctors, your aligners will get really gross

At most Invisalign doctors in Vancouver, you will probably be changing aligner sets about every 7-14 days. If you’re eating with your Invisalign on, your aligners will probably get pretty gross by the end of two weeks. 

That’s enough to make eating with your Invisalign pretty unappealing to most patients. 

But at Dr. Peter Brawn, you can avoid it completely. 

Invisalign Treatment 2x Faster & Avoid Gross Aligners, too

Here’s how: instead of changing your aligners every 7-14 days, most of our patients change aligner sets every 4 days. So they have very little time to become discolored, gross, and visibly dirty. 

If they ever do start to get uncomfortable or dirty, you can always remove them and clean them. 

The pro tip we give to our patients who eat with Invisalign on is to remove your aligners briefly after you eat and give them a good clean. They’re easy to clean and can feel fresh in your mouth in 10 minutes or less. 

We’ll coach you through tips to keep your aligners clean with very little time or effort. Dirty aligners is a huge concern for patients at other doctors in Vancouver that you can avoid entirely at Dr. Peter Brawn.

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Can You Eat With Invisalign On: Conclusion

Here’s a quick recap on eating with Invisalign on:

  • Not only can you do it, we recommend it!
  • It can help you see smile results much faster
  • You can eat with Invisalign on and avoid them getting dirty or gross

If you want to get straight teeth faster and enjoy more value than most patients receive from their doctor in Vancouver, we designed Invisalign treatment at Dr. Peter Brawn for you.

Whether you have crooked teeth, an underbite, an overbite, or some other type of misalignment, we can help you see great results with Invisalign faster in Vancouver.

Get a free consultation by clicking on the button below and see how our patients are finishing Invisalign in half the time (for a competitive price to those other Vancouver orthodontists who take twice as long on average).

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