Dr. Peter Brawn Referral Program


With your Invisalign treatment well underway (or even complete!), we need to tell you thanks. Thank you for trusting us with your smile. 

Your smile is something you live with every day. It’s one of the first things you see when you look in the mirror. And it greatly impacts how your mouth, face, and even head feels on a daily basis. What we’re trying to say is that your smile makes a big difference. And you entrusted yours to us. We couldn’t say thank you loud enough!

Dr. Peter Brawn Referral Program

As a small, family-owned business we understand the value of relationships. Trust in a relationship is worth a lot. So when you refer a family member or friend for Invisalign with us, we want to show you our thanks for your trust - 200 times to be exact.

So we came up with the Dr. Peter Brawn Referral Program. When you refer someone for treatment, we’ll give you a $200 gift card. (Because $100 just wasn't enough to express our appreciation.) Here’s how it works:


Refer someone to us for Invisalign treatment.


If they proceed with treatment, we’ll send you the $200 gift card.


For each person you refer that moves ahead with treatment, you get another $200 card - no limit!


We’ve heard from many of you that the reviews you saw on Google and Facebook helped you to feel confident in your decision to go with us. Even if that wasn’t you, we’ve all benefited before from the reviews others have left for products and services online. 

If you had a positive experience with us, would you consider paying the generosity forward and leaving a review for others to benefit? 

Positive reviews from awesome patients like you help others to feel confident about choosing Dr. Peter Brawn for their Invisalign treatment. Below are one-click links that make it simple:

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